Saturday, March 26, 2011

7d and 60d

I'm not sure why, but... Both of these cameras have the 'ON,OFF' switch at the wrong place, which is the left side of the camera. Since both of them are considered semi-pro (7D) and enthusiast level (60D), they are quite expensive, to have made such a 'huge' error in terms of ergonomics. Why is the 'On-Off' switch very important to be at the right side?

[Canon 7D]

[Canon 60D]

Well, before you turn the camera on, you have to use your left hand, instead of grabbing the lens, with the right finger ready at the shutter. This decrease the 'start-up' time. If it were at the right side of the body, your right hands are naturally at the area, quick to start it up and shoot. You will come to appreciate it when your battery is dwindling, needing to conserve as much power as you can, squeezing the last 100-50 or so shots on your camera.

Well, many have used them, and I would think that it would only effect us Nikon shooters which have the 'ON-OFF' switch right at the shutter, ready for quick action. I think its something that most people grow into.

Well, this is just a rant, not to diss Canon or anything. Just wondering if accidentally switching the power off during shooting with it at the right side were what the engineers were thinking over at Canon.

To say the least, Nikon got a few buttons at the wrong place too, like the play button or delete button needing both hands to operate. Guess they want you to be really sure to delete the image.

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